mini Lil’ Diablo & mini Bonehead 2体セット 抽選販売の申し込み受付終了! Lottery sale CLOSED !


Thank you for join our lottery sale ! We will contact to only winners by email until 15 Feb .

mini Lil’ Diablo & mini Bonehead 2体セット 抽選販売の申し込み受付開始! Lottery sale OPEN !




商品名 mini Lil’ Diablo & mini Bonehead 2体セット 全高約12.5cm

価格 12,000円(税込)(2体セット)

日本国内送料 880円 佐川急便 (北海道 1500円 沖縄、離島 1500円 ゆうパック)

受付 2021年2月8日14時締切 締切時間以降は申し込みできません。









Item Name mini Lil’ Diablo & mini Bonehead

price 12,000 yen (2p set)

height 12.5cm

Asia 1400yen / North America & Oceania 2,000yen / Europe 2200yen (we use EMS of post office)

USA, Australia 2750yen (Yamato) Canada 1800yen (sea shipping only )

Lottery close 2:00 pm 8.Feb.2021 (Japan time)

We make contact to only a winner.

※We don’t accept closed account of instagram . We don’t accept the account which doesn’t post a toy.

We’ll decline purchase of the resale purpose.

Once for one person, please. When we found more than one application, we won’t trade in everything from now on.

※ We will make contact to only a winner until 15. Feb (Japan Time). please don’t confirm to us .

※ Please make payment within 3 days after you receive winners mail (Japan time)

※We will ship by EMS within 7 days after payment confirmation but please understand delivery delay in almost country .