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mini Knuckle kun + Gold mini Lil’ Franky or Dr.Hyde LOTTERY CLOSE



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mini Knuckle kun + Gold mini Lil’ Franky or Dr.Hyde LOTTERY OPEN

※ インスタグラムのアカウントはオープンアカウントのみ受け付けます。



AかBかどちらかを選んで必ずspare columnに記入してお申込み下さい。

A. 商品名 mini knuckle kun (全高13.5cm) + Gold mini Lil’ Franky ( 全高約11.5cm 価格 8,000円 税込 (mini knuckle kun はノーマルとブルーがありますがどちらかお選びいただけません。どちらか一つを送らせていただきます。)

B. 商品名 Dr.Hyde 全高約27cm 価格 12,000円 税込

日本国内送料 880円税込 佐川急便 (北海道 1100円税込 沖縄、離島 1650円 税込 ゆうパック)

受付 2020年6月8日13時締切 締切時間以降は申し込みできません。










mini Knuckle kun + Gold mini Lil’ Franky or Dr.Hyde LOTTERY OPEN

There is 2 kinds of lottery sale.
Please choose A or B.

Please choose A or B then please write A or B at spare column .

A. Item Name mini knuckle kun (height 13.5cm) + Gold mini Lil’ Franky (height 11.5cm ) price 8,000yen (There are 2 kinds of mini knuckle run , you can’t choose ,we will send one of these .)

B. Item Name Dr.Hyde height 27cm price 12,000yen

Shipping fee *******delivery delay in almost country ! 

Asia 1400yen / North America & Oceania 2,000yen / Europe 2200yen (we use EMS of post office)

USA 2,750yen , Australia 2,750yen , New Zealand 2,750yen

China 2,600yen

Lottery close 1pm 8.June.2020 (Japan time)

We make contact to only a winner.

If you want to join the lottery sale please enter following link and please read a notice well.

※We accept open instagram account only .

※Please understand delivery delay in almost coun

Once for one person, please. When we found more than one application, we won’t trade in everything from now on.

※ We will make contact to only a winner on 12. June (Japan Time). Please don’t confirm to us .

※We will send the invoice of PayPal to your email address so please make payment until 3pm 17 .June

※We will ship by EMS within 4 days after payment confirmation but please understand delivery delay in almost country .

※ We can’t send to China immediately.

※Lottery sale is canceled by system trouble and an unexpected situation.