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商品名 Myce ソフビ 全長約18.5cm design by Johnny sculpted by little chop design

価格 13000円税込

日本国内送料 880円 佐川急便 (北海道 1500円 沖縄、離島 1500円 ゆうパック)

受付 2021年8月2日11時00分締切 締切時間以降は申し込みできません。









Item Name Myce design by Johnny sculpted by little chop design

height 18.5cm

price 13000 JPY

Asia 1400yen / USA 2400yen / UK& EU 2450yen Australia 2750yen(YAMATO)

So sorry ! This time , no shipping to Canada

Lottery close 11:00 pm 2. August .2021 (Japan time)

We make contact to only a winner.

※We don’t accept closed account of instagram . We don’t accept the account which doesn’t post a toy (every kinds of toy is okay ). You don’t need to do repost our instagram.

We’ll decline purchase of the resale purpose.

Once for one person, please. When we found more than one application, we won’t trade in everything from now on.

※ We will make contact to only a winner until 10. August (Japan Time). please don’t confirm to us .

※ Please make payment within 3 days after you receive winners mail (Japan time)

※We will ship by EMS within 7 days after payment confirmation but please understand delivery delay in almost country .