Advance lottery for TTF venue sales product 2

※10月7日から台湾で開催されるTAIPEI TOY FESTIVAL の会場にご本人が来場して受取ができる方限定の抽選販売となります。通販ではありませんのでお間違いのないようお願い致します。当選者の方には商品代金をPAYPALで先に送金していただきます。

※*The lottery sale will be limited to those who can come to the TAIPEI TOY FESTIVAL venue to be held in Taiwan from October 7th and pick it up in person. Please note that this is not a mail order item. Winners will be required to remit the product price via PAYPAL first.

※*抽獎活動僅限10月7日起親臨台灣舉辦的TAIPEI TOY FESTIVAL會場領取。 請注意,這不是郵購商品。獲獎者需要先通過 PAYPAL 匯出產品價格。

※*抽奖活动仅限10月7日起亲临台湾举办的TAIPEI TOY FESTIVAL会场领取。 请注意,这不是邮购商品。获奖者需要先通过 PAYPAL 汇出产品价格。

*Lottery sales will be limited to those who can visit the venue of TAIPEI TOY FESTIVAL held in Taipei on October 7th – 10th and purchase it. It’s not a mail order, so please don’t make a mistake.

Only the person who received the winning email can purchase at the venue. Purchases by proxy are not possible under any circumstances, so please check in advance before applying. (Please be sure to present your Instagram account and ID at the time of sale)

只有收到獲獎電子郵件的人才能在會場購買。 任何情況下均不可代購,因此請在申請前提前確認。 (購買時請務必出示您的Instagram帳戶和ID)

※贖回時間 10月7日至9日 13:00〜17:00 (由於休息時間等原因,您可能無法收到  請注意)           


選拔後我們將進行抽籤。 ​​​​​​​​​​

我認為存在各種不便,但預先感謝您。 ​​​​​​​


※Pick up time October 7th-9th 13:00〜17:00 (There are times when you can’t receive it, such as during breaks) 

Please be sure to check the precautions before applying.

After selection we will conduct a draw. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

Purchases for the purpose of resale are strictly prohibited.

如果 Instagram 帳戶是私人帳戶,則申請將不被接受。

產品名稱 MEATY

價格 20,000 JPY

受理截止時間:2023年9月23日17:00 逾期不能提交申請。


*收到中獎電子郵件後三天內通過 PALPAL 付款

*獲獎者將於 2023 年 9月 29日之前收到電子郵件通知。

  • 我們不接受任何有關彩票銷售的投訴。 感謝您的支持!

Price 20,000JPY

Reception deadline: September 23th, 2023, 17:00 Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline.

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

*Payment via PALPAL within 3 days after receiving the winning email.

*Winners will be notified by email by September 29, 2023.
*Details about sales will be announced in the winning email.

  • We do not accept any complaints regarding lottery sales. Thank you for your support!


Please be sure to enter TTF participation in the comment column (spare column) of the application form!